Adam Lallana remembers the day when Jurgen Klopp convinced the Liverpool players of his vision for the club.


The Englishman left the club last summer after five years in the club in the context of a free transfer.

Adam Lallana about the moment when the players from Liverpool knew that Jurgen Klopp was building something special in Anfield.

Today’s Brighton midfielder was a key member in Klopp’s early days at the club before leaving as a Premier League winner.

Lallana recalled how, despite the inconsistent league form, important wins over Manchester City at Etihad Stadium and against other major teams convinced the dressing room that they were building something special.

Having watched Klopp put together the squad from his arrival until he left the club as Premier League champion, the Brighton man of today is well placed to explain the journey under Klopp.

Lallana was an important member of the Liverpool side in Klopp’s early years, but with the arrival of other key midfielders and a string of injuries, his influence on the team faded towards the end of his time.

“Even though it is just as little to do with training, which starts in the afternoon, the whole morning will be devoted to training. Playing for this football club involves many sacrifices, but it is worth every moment.

“It is very intense. When you hear people say that they dedicate their lives to football, it’s literally the case,” Lallana told BT Sport.

“In the last few years, during my time in Liverpool, I haven’t played that much. Of course, you get frustrated sometimes, but he has the ability to make you fight again just like that, not just for the team, but also for him.

“Especially if you’re lucky enough to win silverware, as we’ve done in recent years.

“These are just team management skills. I’m sure he wouldn’t have had that right away – he’s an experienced manager now, so he would have learned a lot in his early years.

“Back then we took two steps forward and one step back. We would have had some good performances and I remember we went to Hull and lost 2-0 – with our backs to the wall. It was tough, but he had his philosophy, he had his will, and he knew it.

He added: “It is a special group. I think when he took it over, it probably took him two or two and a half years to get the core of the group, to have it where he wanted it to be. You have to look at the group now, there are leaders everywhere. Hendo is the captain, but you have seven or eight captains in the dressing room. That’s one of the main reasons for the success they’ve had in the last few years”.

“In his early years there were a few big performances. When we went to Etihad and won a few times, we knew we had to believe and trust him. We never looked back, or Liverpool never looked back”.


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