According to NFL rumors, there will be no Carolina Panthers reunion in Washington for the time being.


According to NFL rumors, there will be no Carolina Panthers reunion in Washington for the time being.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, who suffered an injury on September 12 and is anticipated to miss several weeks, has been ruled out for the Washington football team.

They do have Taylor Heinecke and Kyle Allen on the roster, one of whom Ron Rivera may choose as his starting quarterback.

However, it’s not impossible that Rivera may try his luck on the free-agent market in search of a quarterback.

Other than Cam Newton, there is probably no other name that makes sense.

After being released by the New England Patriots, the 2015 NFL Most Valuable Player is now a free agent.

Newton and Rivera were teammates with the Carolina Panthers, so a reunion would be natural.

Unfortunately, it does not appear that this is currently part of the plan. The Washington Football Team is nowhere near to an agreement with the 32-year-old quarterback, according to a source cited by Pro Football Talk.

All of this, though, is subject to change. This is contingent on Heinecke and Allen’s ability to fill the void left by Fitzpatrick’s injury.

If the two can stay clear from the injury bug, the same holds true.

However, it is difficult to understand why Rivera would not reconcile with Newton, who aided the Panthers in 2015.

Questions about the three-time Pro Bowler’s connection with Rivera are now being raised. This is something to keep in mind in the event that Washington requires another play-caller in the future.

Fitzpatrick allegedly has a hip subluxation and will get an MRI on Monday, September 13, according to

This could give us a good idea of how long the 38-year-old veteran will be out of the game.

Washington hopes the injury isn’t too bad. The hope is that nothing is broken, but only the MRI will be able to answer that question.

Following a crunching hit from defender Uchenna Nwosu, Fitzpatrick left the team’s game against the Los Angeles Chargers in the second quarter.

Before exploring the free-agent market, Washington will prioritize internal talent.

Rivera praised Heinicke’s performance on Sunday, saying, “He gave us a spark when we needed it.” “It was a great plus when Taylor went in and added some excitement… Taylor has something going for her, and that’s a significant plus. It adds a touch of something.”


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