Why Isn’t the Screen Share Setting on FaceTime Working in iOS 15?


Why Isn’t the Screen Share Setting on FaceTime Working in iOS 15?

Apple’s iOS 15 update is now available for download, bringing a slew of new capabilities to iPhone users.

Many people, however, are wondering where the long-awaited “screen share” feature in the FaceTime app is.

Here’s what we know so far…

The iPhone gets new features with the release of iOS 15.

Apple said during last week’s California Streaming event that the iOS 15 update would be available for free to iPhone owners on September 20.

The new operating system includes a “Shared with You” area that allows you to keep track of all the photographs, movies, music, and other stuff you’ve received via messaging, as well as a “Focus” tool that helps you stay focused at work by filtering the kind of notifications you receive.

However, the FaceTime video calling app is one of the most significant upgrades in iOS 15. Other callers’ voices will now sound as though they are coming from the direction in which they are positioned on the screen, thanks to a new spatial audio setting. Meanwhile, there’s a new microphone mode that cancels out background noise, as well as a portrait mode that automatically focuses on you while blurring out everything else.

Where Is the FaceTime Screen Share Setting in iOS 15?

However, one anticipated FaceTime feature is the option to share your screen, which will be available in iOS 15 at launch.

During videocalls, there would be a button in the top right-hand corner that you may hit if this functionality was available as part of the software upgrade. A person standing in front of a rectangle screen would be the icon. You’ll be asked to confirm that you wish to share your screen with the other callers in the meeting after pressing this button.

The relevant button does not show in the iOS 15 version of FaceTime at the time of writing. Many iPhone users, however, were under the notion that the functionality would be available at launch and have expressed their dissatisfaction on social media.

Facetime doesn’t have a screen share button, @AppleSupport 🙁 I’m presuming this is an issue that everyone is seeing with iOS 15 (we’re both on the same version). This is a condensed version of the information.


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