When is the Fall Equinox in 2021? Celebration Rituals from Around the World


When is the Fall Equinox in 2021? Celebration Rituals from Around the World

The fall equinox, also known as the autumn equinox, will occur on September 22, 2021, signaling the end of summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

The equinox occurs when the sun is directly above the equator of the Earth. According to EarthSky, this will happen around 3:21 p.m. EDT.

Because of the sun’s position, day and night will last roughly the same amount of time, unlike in the summer when days are longer and winter when days are shorter. The word equinox is derived from the Latin words aequus, which means “equal,” and nox, which means “night.”

Because the Earth is tilted slightly on its side as it orbits the sun, equinoxes and solstices occur. This means that the northern half of the country receives more sunlight and warmth during certain times of the year than the southern half, and vice versa. This is why summer occurs in Australia at the same time as winter in the United States.

The sun tended to rise and set in a slightly changing position in the sky throughout the year, according to ancient societies.

As summer draws to a conclusion in the Northern Hemisphere, for example, one may note that the sun is traveling southward.

The sun rises and sets along the equator’s course on the equinoxes.

The fall equinox was given significance by ancient cultures once they noticed this annual phenomenon—though it meant different things to different individuals.

The homecoming of the goddess Persephone to her husband Hades in the underworld was commemorated by the ancient Greeks on the autumn equinox.

The Higan holiday, when people return to their hometowns to pay tribute to their ancestors, falls on the same day as the fall equinox for certain Japanese Buddhists.

The fall equinox was a time to celebrate food and crops in other parts of the world. People in ancient China, as well as those in the United Kingdom, would celebrate a successful rice and wheat harvest around this time.

Artificial landmarks that are still standing today are considered to correspond to the sun’s passage across the sky throughout the year. Stonehenge is a prominent site in England, albeit it is more linked with the solstices than the equinoxes.

Every equinox, people throng to the pyramid at Chich’en Itza in Mexico. It was constructed. This is a condensed version of the information.


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