What to Expect From the iPhone 13 Reveal Presentation, According to Apple Event Predictions


What to Expect From the iPhone 13 Reveal Presentation, According to Apple Event Predictions

The Apple event in September is fast approaching, and the firm is expected to announce the iPhone 13 lineup, as well as the latest edition of the Apple Watch.

Several leaks about the next generation of iPhones and what they will be capable of have surfaced during the month of August. Apple’s next presentation, which you can watch live from the comfort of your own home, is likely to focus on the official unveiling of these gadgets.

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iPhone 13 Rumored Features: Apple Event Predictions

In a Bloomberg article, reputed Apple insider Mark Gurman has leaked plenty of information regarding the iPhone 13 and what to expect from today’s “California Streaming” event.

The device will be available in regular, Mini, Pro, and Pro Max versions, as expected. Each of these new devices, according to Gurman, will have significant camera upgrades, a faster A15 processing engine, smaller notches that cover less of the screen, and a 120hz display.

If true, that latter point is one of the iPhone 13’s most significant enhancements. It effectively means that the screen will refresh 120 times per second rather than 60 times per second (like the current iPhone 12 models). As a result, when swiping between your apps, the experience is smoother and more fluid.

Other features expected for the iPhone 13 include better Face ID (making it easier for the device to recognize you if you’re wearing a mask), a 1TB memory option, and even even SOS satellite calling, which would allow you to contact emergency services from anywhere in the country.

Predictions for Apple’s Event: iPhone 13 with Always-on Display

Another theory is that the iPhone 13 will include an always-on display (AOD) feature. While most Android devices currently have this feature, it will be a brand-new feature for iOS users.

In a word, AOD implies that areas of your screen will remain lighted even while your phone is locked, allowing you to check the clock, receive alerts, and view calendar highlights. If you’re worried that enabling this option may drain your battery, don’t be. This is a condensed version of the information.


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