There’s No Time To Wait: The World Premiere Of The New Bond Film.


There’s No Time To Wait: The World Premiere Of The New Bond Film.

In rain-soaked London on Tuesday, actor Daniel Craig walked the red carpet for the final time as James Bond, at the star-studded but long-awaited world premiere of the latest superspy film, “No Time To Die.”

After being continuously postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak, British actor Craig’s fifth and last excursion in the franchise is finally hitting theaters.

The film’s cast attended the premiere in London’s historic Royal Albert Hall, which was also attended by royal couples Prince Charles and Camilla and Prince William and Kate.

The film is part of a backlog of significant releases held back by distributors during the pandemic, which wreaked havoc on theaters and forced some new releases to be streamed.

The film will only be released in theaters, with struggling theaters hoping Bond will bring in new customers.

On the red carpet, Craig, clad in a pink tuxedo jacket, told Sky News, “I’m really relieved, we produce Bond movies for the cinema.”

“I truly don’t have any unpleasant memories,” Craig remarked of his 15 years as 007, “but I believe it’s going to take probably another 15 years to unpick all of this.”

The UK part of theater operator Vue International, Vue Entertainment, welcomed the film’s release as “the cinematic event of the year.”

It will be released in the United Kingdom on Thursday and in the United States on October 8 – a year and a half late.

Bond returns to active service after retirement in the $250 million (?182 million, 214 million euros) film, saying, “I have to finish this.”

He battles the wicked Safin, played by Oscar winner Rami Malek (“Bohemian Rhapsody”), with his typical hi-tech equipment in magnificent landscapes in Italy and Norway.

“First I’m shot, and then I’m blown up. In an official podcast, Craig commented, “It seems like James Bond to me.”

With Craig announcing his departure and describing the job as “a major part” of his life, speculation has grown as to who would acquire his mythical license to murder.

Tom Hardy (“The Revenant,” “Dunkirk”) and Rege-Jean Page, the mixed-race star of Netflix’s “Bridgerton,” are among the favorites, according to UK bookies.

Since his debut in 2006’s “Casino Royale,” Craig, 53, has remained in the role longer than any of his predecessors.

He’s been praised for giving the all-action character depth and emotional complexity, but he only agreed to one final appearance as Bond unwillingly.

Craig told Time Out magazine in 2015 that he would rather “slit his wrists” than reprise the role after “Spectre.” Brief News from Washington Newsday.


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