The fact that a man developed Bell’s Palsy after receiving both Pfizer COVID vaccines could be a coincidence.


The fact that a man developed Bell’s Palsy after receiving both Pfizer COVID vaccines could be a coincidence.

In what is claimed to be the first occurrence of its kind, a man who received the Pfizer COVID vaccine developed facial nerve difficulties following each of his two vaccine doses.

Doctors, on the other hand, couldn’t say whether the nerve problems, known as Bell’s palsy, were caused by the vaccine dosages.

And, according to one medical statistician who was not engaged in the case study, both nerve incidents could have been a coincidence.

On Monday, the case was published in BMJ Case Reports. According to the authors, nerve paralysis, or palsies, on one side of the face following each COVID vaccination dose were not observed in any of the three vaccine studies or medical literature.

Bell’s palsy is a transient disorder characterized by a sudden weakening of the facial muscles.

According to the research, the unnamed 61-year-old man had no prior history of facial nerve palsy before receiving the Pfizer COVID vaccinations. He had a high BMI, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes, among other things.

The patient exhibited facial palsy and paralysis on the right side of his face about five hours after receiving his first dose. He went to the hospital, where physicians discovered he couldn’t close one of his eyes entirely.

Scans, on the other hand, were normal, and his symptoms went away following a round of steroids.

Six weeks later, the patient received his second Pfizer vaccine, and two days later, he experienced another facial palsy.

He was given another dose of steroid therapy. Upon evaluation, he stated that the symptoms were more severe than the first time, and that he was dribbling and had difficulty swallowing.

After a few weeks, the patient reported that his symptoms were almost gone. He was urged to talk to his doctor about future mRNA vaccinations, like as the Pfizer shot, on a case-by-case basis to weigh the risks and advantages.

During the vaccination’s phase 3 clinical trials, four incidences of Bell’s palsy of unknown etiology were documented among Pfizer vaccine participants, compared to zero among those who received a placebo, but these were merely single episodes, according to the case report.

The incidence of the two palsy instances, according to the report’s authors. This is a condensed version of the information.


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