The best work from home gift ideas of 2020: Slim standing desks, ergonomic chairs and more.


The best promotional gifts from home can enhance your interior and give you a little taste of traveling, since there is no flight to a warm place on the horizon in the foreseeable future. These gift ideas from home are the tested favorites that can be found in our offices. Some are new in 2020, while others have been popular for a long time.

Whether they already have their own space or you’re trying to help them upgrade their furniture, these are the best gifts you can give to employees in remote locations. Here are the “work-from-home” gift ideas that we would add to our list in 2020 if we didn’t already have them.

Vari Electric Standing Desk – $550 and up

The Vari Electric standing desk is the ultimate upgrade for working from home. Available in 48 and 60 inch sizes, the desk fits easily into smaller offices, and with its various surface options, it also matches the decor of many common rooms.

We love the simple furnishings, the wide range of Vari accessories that allow you to customize the look and functionality of the desk, and the good looks of the entire interior. The desk raises and lowers at the touch of a button and saves four presets so that it can be easily shared with other people in the house.

We’ve been using high desks for nearly a decade, and this is the best combination of price, style and ease of use we’ve found. Read our full report on Vari Electric high desks for more information.

Buy now from Vari, Amazon and Office Depot.

Dell UltraSharp 34-inch USB C monitor with curved screen -$769.99

The Dell UltraSharp 34-inch USB C monitor is an excellent gift idea for work at home that you’ll appreciate every time you sit down to work. We love the fact that it takes up the space of two monitors, so we don’t stare at the edges where the monitors meet. The resolution is perfect for working in multiple windows at once, and the monitor is color-calibrated to 99 percent sRGB, making it perfect for working on photos or video.

With a single USB-C cable, the monitor charges a laptop and connects it to the monitor and all its accessories, simplifying setup and keeping the workspace tidy. A special ComfortView mode helps remove blue light, and there is an excellent window management feature for Windows users, allowing them to make better use of the large screen. Read our full review of the Dell U3419W to learn more about why this is a great monitor.

Buy now at Amazon, Best Buy, Dell and B&H Photo.

Yellow cup²-$129.95

The Ember Mug² is a smart cup that keeps coffee or tea at the perfect temperature. It is one of our favorite products, and frankly, the best thing that can happen to coffee in our home office in 2020. This cup keeps coffee or tea at the specific temperature of your choice. There are presets, and it can even help brew tea.

Available in 10 and 14 ounce sizes and a variety of colors and special editions, this mug is perfect for working from home. The keep-warm function is great for long video calls and zoom meetings. The 10 ounce model’s battery lasts for 90 minutes and the 14 ounce model’s battery lasts for 80 minutes. The cup lasts all day when you place the charging station on your desk, but it will last most of our morning coffee time without recharging. It can only be washed by hand and is fully submersible.

Buy now from Ember, Target, Bloomingdale’s, Best Buy and Apple.

Jabra headphones for work – from home – $239 and up

The Jabra Evolve2 is our favorite headset for working from home. It is wireless, lightweight and has active noise cancellation to drown out background noise at home. This is essential for concentration and focus, especially when sharing a workspace. You make the gift of silence, which is basically priceless. The flip microphone is perfect for phone calls and zoom calls.

The Evolve2 65 is a lighter design with a great desk mount for storing and charging the headphones. The passive noise cancelling is good, the microphone sounds great, and there’s even a status light that glows red so people at home know they’re on the phone.

Thanks to the Unified Communications certification, both headsets work with Microsoft teams, Zoom and Skype.


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