The best health and wellness gifts of 2020, from sports masks to electric blankets.


These are the best gifts for friends and family, who take care of their health as the year draws to a close. Whether you’re looking for a gift for someone who’s defying the gym or getting used to new training methods, we’ve got you covered. We also deal with gifts for mental health, which contribute to general well-being and are just as desperately needed this year.

We have collected the best health gifts to help get the New Year’s resolutions and work on mental and physical well-being in 2020 and the New Year off to a good start.

Garmin Instinct Solar $399.99

The Garmin Instinct Solar is a robust outdoor smartwatch with GPS and solar charging. It is deceptively light, so it is easy to forget that it is worn on your wrist all day long, even if you are walking or running on a trail. We’ve used this model for autumn walks, and it’s a great way to keep track of your hikes and adventures and many other popular workouts.

Unlike many Smartwatches, the Instinct Solar battery lasts up to 50 days if there is enough sunlight. That’s more than enough not to worry about recharging, and perfect for the person in your life who spends more time outdoors. It includes heart rate monitoring, a pulse oximeter, stress tracking and more. It displays your smartphone’s notifications, and it is inReach SOS compatible.

If you’re making a gift for a runner, check out Forerunner 245 Music, which syncs with Amazon Music or Spotify and includes 500 songs to help you train. Forerunner 745 is the gift for the runner in your life who is trying to take their pacing strategies to the next level.

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UA Sports Mask – $30

The UA Sports Mask is the “go-to mask” for athletes. If you want to protect your favorite runner or fitness enthusiast, the Sport Mask is a great gift. Designed specifically for all-day use and sports, this mask offers good airflow and, thanks to the Iso-Chill fabric, a cooler overall feel than many other masks.

Unlike many fabric masks, the UA Sportsmask has a built-in structure that prevents the mask from touching your lips and much of your face when worn. The outer shell is water-repellent and the mask has a sun protection factor of 50+. It is fully washable and the inside has an antimicrobial coating, so you can keep the mask clean and ready for your next workout.

We love the fit, feel and style of this mask. It makes responsible training effortless.

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Fitbit Aria Air Smart Balance-$49.95

We know that in many situations giving away a scale is not exactly at the top of the list of approved gifts, but hear us out. This year has been tough in many ways, and we have now focused on getting in shape. One of the metrics we want to track is weight, and a smart scale is a great way to make this easier. With New Year’s resolutions just around the corner, this is a thoughtful and helpful solution.

The fitbit Aria Air smart scale shows and tracks your weight and it is synchronized with the fitbit app where you can track your body mass index. The scale is connected to your phone via Bluetooth and supports multiple users with individual statistics. You can use the scale with one fitbit, but it is a fully functional smart scale that only requires a smartphone.

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Headspace subscription – $69.99 per year

If you are looking for the perfect gift for the person in your life who needs a little more mindfulness in their life, headspace is a great option. Headspace includes guided meditations and mindfulness practices as part of a monthly or annual subscription.

We love the ease of starting mediation with the app and the ability to tap into short meditations that fit into hectic days, whether at work or at home. We also like the sleeping sounds and the exercises at bedtime that allow us to relax at the end of the day. From introductory to thematic courses, Headspace adapts to the needs of users at different levels of experience.

Gifts are available for $12.95 for a month or a year for $69.99, and check out the family and student plans.

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Apple Watch 6-$399 and


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