Test: Tesvor S6 Smart Robot vacuum cleaner – a cleaning companion in the ‘new normality’.


The Tesvor S6 is a smart vacuum cleaner at a competitive price that vacuums up dirt, dust and hair with ease – a robotic assistant that helps with everyday tasks.

While unlikely to completely replace your traditional cleaning equipment, it could save you some effort during this new standard in 2020, when COVID 19 locks mean you’ll most likely spend more time indoors than ever before.

For a price tag of about $300 (retailers vary), the S6 is one of the newest vacuum cleaners from a Chinese brand that doesn’t have the brand recognition of competitors like Roomba, but offers premium features like laser navigation, room mapping and app control.

For those unfamiliar with the technology, robotic vacuums are usually intelligent devices with a circular body that autonomously sweep the floors of your house or apartment.

In theory, they supplement your vacuum cleaning work with short, self-propelled activities, so you have time to do anything but vacuum cleaning-always a plus.

The best appliances – some costing over $1,000 – not only eat up dirt, but also offer a host of intelligent features such as app support, voice control and room scanning functions. The less great devices may lack suction power, have smaller dust bins and poor battery life.

This is a niche market, but there is a lot to do and there are more and more affordable options on the market. Tekk.tv tested the S6 in an apartment where mainly carpet and vinyl were laid to find out the pros and cons and to see if it deserves a place in your home.

From the outside it looks like what you would imagine an intelligent vacuum cleaner robot to be: a circular body with two brushes and suction fans underneath. But it feels great, and it has a really solid construction that can easily take a few knocks.

The construction is minimal, with two side brushes attached to the body and a charging station that plugs into an electrical outlet. That’s it, which means that the vacuum cleaner is quickly ready for use at the touch of a button on the remote control or via the accompanying app “WeBack”.

On the top side there is a power button and a home button, the latter of which can be pressed when the vacuum is running to automatically navigate back to its charging station.

Once the vacuum cleaner is ready for use, you can choose between two main cleaning modes. Personally, I have used the S shape option most often. This allows the S6 vacuum cleaner to meander along the edges of a room before working its way back to the center of the room, using its laser navigation capabilities to create a map of the environment – an image that is also visible in the app.

The first time you see it, it’s actually quite scary, but the S6 seems to create a pretty accurate representation of its position. Using the app, you can see the S-shaped lines in which it cleans itself and any obstacles it had to navigate around.

A “spot” cleaning mode forces the vacuum cleaner to focus on a single area, after which it circulates in a spiral pattern for two minutes. The app allows you to set restricted areas if there are sections of a mapped room that the S6 should not venture into.

During testing, the 600-milliliter trash can was large enough to collect dirt particles from a single cleaning round, but that depends on how much the S6 is supposed to collect.

I was always surprised by the amount of particles that could accumulate on the carpet in my apartment, so the S6 clearly did its job. During the tests it swept up dust, dirt, hair, styrofoam and small pieces of food without any fuss. It could also navigate under kitchen table chairs and over the legs of my computer table. Once it got stuck, it used its sensors to find an escape route in most cases.

The overall performance proved to be solid both on carpets and on the vinyl floor in the kitchen, as long as expectations remained within limits. This is because the S6 offers a total cleaning time of about one hour and 30 minutes at full power, but takes almost three times as long to recharge.

On paper that’s a lot, but it won’t matter too much if you plan to leave the S6 on its docking station when it’s not in use. If this is the case, it will always be recharged. The S6 will automatically return to the docking station after cleaning or when the battery is empty.


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