Review of the Vizio V21x-J8 Soundbar: A Great $150 Entry Level Soundbar


Review of the Vizio V21x-J8 Soundbar: A Great $150 Entry Level Soundbar

With a simple setup that fits into practically any area, the Vizio V21x-J8 soundbar can improve your TV watching experience. This is a cheap system with useful features and nice quality for $150.

This is a 2.1 channel system that contains a 36-inch soundbar that you position in front of your TV and a 5-inch wireless subwoofer that you place near a power outlet in the back of the room. Although there are no rear speakers to set, simulated surround sound is still available.

What Is the Vizio V21x-Sound J8’s Quality?

The Vizio V21x-J8 produces sound that is superior to that of most televisions. Overall, this is an improvement, but the conversation isn’t always up to par. At lower volumes, this is very noticeable.

A soundbar should be louder and clearer than the TV speakers, but that isn’t the case until the volume is increased by more than half. The sound balances out nicely with a solid blend of dialogue and background noise if the soundbar is turned up sufficiently.

To reach the correct sound level to hear comfortably while watching TV, I had to set the volume up much higher than on comparable soundbars. It wasn’t blowing the room out or bothering neighbors, but getting used to cranking the soundbar up so loud takes some getting used to.

Even without back speakers, I could hear virtual surround effects while watching many movies. It’s not quite as immersive as a 2.1 channel setup or a system with rear speakers, but it’s noteworthy. This is a wonderful soundbar for a second room or a bedroom because the surround effects work best in a compact room. Dolby Audio, DTS Virtual Surround, and DTS Virtual:X are all supported by the system.

With the remote, you may select between EQ settings such as movie, gaming, music, and dialogue, as well as manually control the bass and treble levels. A dedicated button on the remote controls the DTS Virtual:X surround mode on and off.

The 5-inch subwoofer is modest, but it does an excellent job of delivering bass to the system. The small subwoofer proves to be pretty capable while viewing some of the crazy sequences in Hangover or combat scenes in Marvel movies. This is a condensed version of the information.


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