Review of the Restonic Le Grand Plush Mattress


Review of the Restonic Le Grand Plush Mattress

The Restonic Le Grand Plush is designed for the hospitality industry, focusing on comfort and durability. For the past month, I’ve been able to test it out in my own house to see how I sleep on a mattress that many people would only get in a hotel.

Scott Living, ComfortCare, and Biltmore Luxury mattresses are among Restonic’s most well-known brands. In addition, the company’s Restonic Hospitality line is expanding into the hospitality industry.

The Restonic Le Grand Plush is a 12.5-inch innerspring mattress that I tested. As part of the Restonic Hospitality line, the company also produces Euro Top and firm models.

The Restonic Le Grand Plush is a great place to sleep.

The Restonic Le Grand Plush is a firmer mattress that provides excellent support and keeps me from sinking into it. During my time with the mattress, the firmness held up well. This mattress is definitely firmer than the ones I usually sleep on.

The top two layers of gel and foam provide some give, allowing shoulders and hips to sink into the mattress a little deeper. With this mattress, I definitely prefer to sleep on my back. I can’t sleep on it since it’s too firm.

I don’t feel like I’ll roll off if I sleep or lay near the edge because the support level is continuous all the way to the edge. The edge is also solid enough for comfortable sitting. I routinely do this when I’m in a hotel to put on shoes, wait for someone to get ready or scroll on my phone.

I tested the mattress with the adjustable base that Restonic provided. Using a Zero-G sleep position, where my legs and head are slightly raised, the mattress comfort level increased. However, not many hotels I stay in offer an adjustable base for the bed.

I like the adjustable base design and the included under-bed lighting. This feature is great in a home and one I love to see at a hotel.

Restonic Le Grand Plush Mattress Details

The Restonic Le Grand Plush is a traditional innerspring mattress that combines individually wrapped coils with both a support foam and a gel layer. The Comfort Gel Foam layer. This is a brief summary.


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