Off the coast of New Jersey, fishermen accidentally catch a 110-pound Great White Shark.


Off the coast of New Jersey, fishermen accidentally catch a 110-pound Great White Shark.

On Sunday, a group of sport fishermen caught a baby great white shark by mistake off the shore of New Jersey.

Over the weekend, Real Innovation Sportfishing boat captain Jeff Warford claimed his group was fishing for thresher sharks when a great white shark fell entangled on one of their lines about a mile off Seaside Heights Pier.

The great white can be seen attempting to release itself from the hook in video footage shot by the boat party. The shark was able to escape after the boat crew cut the fishing line.

“It started coming up and I shouted, ‘Oh my God, it’s a great white,’ and we got him boat-side and recorded video and pictures before cutting the line and letting it go,” Warford told ABC 7.

The shark, according to Warford, was a youngster, measuring roughly seven feet long and weighing around 110 pounds.

“This is my first time. We caught a baby great white today a mile off the beach. Fortunately, the hook landed in the corner of its mouth, allowing it to be released safely,” Warford stated on the Real Innovation Facebook page.

When the shark was caught, the group was floating above 50 feet of water. The catch, according to experts, is a good indicator for the area’s great white population’s health.

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“This is a fantastic thing because sharks in the ocean signify a healthy ocean, healthy shark populations, and vice versa,” said Bob Hueter, chief scientist for the marine non-profit OCEARCH, to ABC 7.

OCEARCH experts believe there are two sub-populations of white sharks in the Northwest Atlantic, each of which uses feeding locations on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, or Nova Scotia, Canada.

Great white sharks have been protected in American Atlantic waters since 1997. Hueter said if fishermen do catch one they should take care with the animals.

“Try to handle them as quickly as possible, and if necessary cut the lead and let the shark go, don’t try to muscle the fish into the boat,” Hueter said.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature. This is a brief summary.


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