Moment M-TW Backpack and Sling Review: Bags You’ll Want to Carry Every Day


Moment M-TW Backpack and Sling Review: Bags You’ll Want to Carry Every Day

I wanted to use the Moment M-TW backpack as my carry-on for a short two-day trip to Colorado. For the plane, I needed something small but roomy enough to fit a sweatshirt, laptop, iPad, and cable pouch.

Taking Moment’s backpack on this short trip allowed me to get a sense of its capabilities. It also confirmed how useful it is as a daypack. It has all of the components of a backpack that you might use to commute to school or work. Moment began as a camera gear business and now occupies a unique position in the photography community. For those interested in using the backpack for shooting, it comes with an add-on camera insert.

The Moment M-TW Backpack is a fascinating backpack because it can be used for a variety of purposes. It’s large enough to hold a lot of stuff but small enough to be nimble and compact.

MT-W at the moment The company’s Fanny Sling is another daily carry product that complements the backpack. It can be worn around your waist or around your body. The best part, however, is how well-organized and easy it is to use. The two things are a good match for each other.

The Moment M-TW Backpack is being put to the test.

When I decided to take the backpack from California to Colorado, I knew the bag didn’t have a massive amount of space. It’s better suited to day trips and short excursions. Still, my interest here was in seeing how far I could stretch it for other uses.

The clearest discovery I made carrying it along was that the M-TW Backpack can hold a certain amount of gear, and then that’s it. It has a rigid shape that it doesn’t budge from. This is great in daily use to keep it from becoming unwieldy. It makes it harder to keep stuffing in just one more thing, though.

The rigidness radiates out from its firm back panel, which is covered in foam and rests against your body. The area serves a dual purpose, helping it both to lay straight against your back and to secure the slot that carries laptops and tablets. The foam straps are thin but generous in their comfort.

Simplicity is where this Moment. This is a brief summary.


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