Is the US being tough enough on China and COVID’s origins?


Is the US being tough enough on China and COVID’s origins?

President Joe Biden has been calling on the US intelligence community to submit a report on the origins of the COVID-19 outbreak for nearly three weeks, declaring that the country would “press China to participate” in a complete inquiry.

Despite a World Health Organization (WHO) investigation earlier this year, many countries claimed they “lacked access to complete, original data” in a joint statement, the subject of where the virus originated remains unsolved.

Some others are concerned about calls for more research into the pandemic’s origins, particularly Anthony Fauci, the United States’ top infectious disease researcher, who has advised against taking an accusing position.

On June 3, Fauci told MSNBC that there was “a lot of pointing of fingers” and that “obviously you want openness and cooperation.” Don’t be accusatory. This is one method to obtain it. Make an effort to use a forensic, scientific, and investigative attitude. I believe the accusatory aspect of it will simply cause them to withdraw even more.”

According to the Financial Times, Fauci has been chastised by David Asher, the former chief of the State Department’s COVID-19 origins investigation, who has expressed dissatisfaction with the National Institutes of Health’s lack of interest in pursuing the lab-leak COVID origin scenario.

Cooperation, according to experts in global health and national security, is the best way ahead; others have criticized China for what they call a lack of transparency.

Bruce Jones, director and senior scholar at the Brookings Institution’s Project on International Order and Strategy, believes the United States has so far struck the proper balance in its approach to China, which he claims has “gone out of its way to alienate” other nations.

According to Washington Newsday, he said: “Biden is correct in his investigation. It makes little difference in the ongoing management of COVID-19, but it is critical in preventing the next epidemic outbreak.

“In any event, there isn’t much cooperation with China on COVID-19 right now. Because it originated within China’s borders, Beijing has taken a combative stance from the start. This is a brief summary.


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