Is The COVID Vaccine Effective? According to Moderna, a booster will be required.


Is The COVID Vaccine Effective? According to Moderna, a booster will be required.

Moderna provided updated data on the use of COVID-19 vaccination booster doses on Wednesday.

The findings, which has not yet been peer-reviewed, came after a big vaccine trial on breakthrough cases among vaccinated persons was done by the American manufacturer. It found that those who were vaccinated a year ago had 36% higher breakthrough infections than those who were inoculated around six months ago, implying that immunity diminished over time.

In a conference call with investors, Moderna President Stephen Hoge said, “This is simply one estimate, but we do feel this means that as you move toward the fall and winter, we expect the estimated impact of decreasing immunity to be 600,000 extra cases of COVID-19 at the very least.”

In this third round of Moderna’s research, over 14,000 people were randomly allocated to take part. There were 88 breakthrough cases among the 11,431 study participants who were vaccinated between December and March. Between July and October of last year, 162 of the 14,746 people who were vaccinated were breakthrough cases.

Hoge discussed the complexities of booster shots in a phone interview with CNBC. “It’s not really about whether the vaccine worked last month,” he said. It all boils down to whether or not it will work this winter.”

According to Reuters, Moderna submitted an application to the Food and Drug Administration on Sept. 1 seeking approval for its booster shot.

Hoge stated, “We believe this will reduce COVID-19 cases.” “A third dose of mRNA-1273, we feel, offers a good possibility of greatly extending immunity for most of next year as we try to terminate the pandemic.”


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