In New York, a bear was spotted roaming the streets of Schenectady.


In New York, a bear was spotted roaming the streets of Schenectady.

On Tuesday morning, numerous local neighbors noticed a bear wandering through the streets of Schenectady, New York, causing a commotion.

The Schenectady Police Department issued a statement on Tuesday stating that it has received many reports of a bear moving around the city’s Woodlawn neighborhood. The sort of bear that was spotted remained unknown. Later, the bear retreated to the woods.

Officers requested assistance from the state Department of Environmental Conservation, according to the department.

Local schools were alerted, and police asked residents to stay informed about the situation as it unfolded.

Police said they were attempting to keep the bear away from the city’s major thoroughfares and return it to its “natural environment.”

Following the bear’s discovery in the Woodlawn neighborhood, police and wildlife officials pursued the animal throughout the city.

Officials with the Schenectady City School District said they learned of the bear sightings around the time pupils arrived for class on Tuesday morning. All outdoor classes and activities have been canceled by the district.

In the event that the bear passed by, the staff took extra care to protect the students.

“The staff came out to rapidly bring students in and remove them off buses,” Karen Corona, a district representative, told the Times Union.

The bear had retreated to a wooded section of the Woodlawn Nature Preserve on the city’s outskirts by Tuesday afternoon, authorities said, and was no longer on public streets or private property.

In a statement, police stated, “We are hopeful that it will continue on its trip out of the city and back into its natural habitat.”

Schenectady Police Department shared a video of the bear by some houses.

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Bear sightings are not uncommon in the local area, a local resident told Times Union.

The animal is not the only bear to have drawn attention to itself after being spotted in an urban area recently.

In May, a black bear was spotted relaxing up a tree in the backyard of a home in the town of San Anselmo,. This is a brief summary.


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