In Central China, record rains kill 25 people.


In Central China, record rains kill 25 people.

At least 25 people have died in a city in central China after torrential rains caused landslides and flooding, with harrowing photographs showing passengers battling against chest-high water inside a train carriage.

President Xi Jinping classified the situation as “very serious,” with flood control measures reaching a “critical stage,” according to official media. River embankments were breached in record downpours across Henan province, and President Xi Jinping called the situation as “extremely severe.”

Around 200,000 people were evacuated from Zhengzhou, according to local government authorities, as military spearheaded rescue efforts in the city of over 10 million people, which received the equivalent of a year’s worth of rain in only three days.

The region’s rainfall was the heaviest since records began 60 years ago.

Late Tuesday, rainstorms flooded Zhengzhou’s metro, killing 12 people and wounding five more, according to city officials. Hundreds were evacuated from the subway.

Images uploaded on social media showed horrified passengers battling the rapidly rising waves inside a railway carriage. According to local media, rescuers ripped open the coach’s roof to lift people to safety.

Others showed pedestrians being rescued in Zhengzhou from rivers raging across the streets.

At least four people were killed in adjacent Gongyi city, where houses and walls collapsed due to heavy rain, according to the official Xinhua news agency.

As contacts to Zhengzhou were disrupted, relatives outside the city made desperate pleas for information on China’s Weibo.

“Does the second floor appear to be in jeopardy? One person stated, “My folks live there, yet I can’t reach them on the phone.”

“I’m not sure what their condition is. When contacted by AFP, she merely gave her surname as Hou and stated she was in Tianjin and her parents were in Zhengzhou.

“I have a lot of anxiety.”

As floods continue to ravage Henan province, authorities have issued the highest degree of caution, with landslides blocking several highways, villages being evacuated, and broad areas being cut off from contact.

The Chinese army said it had prevented the collapse of the crippled Yihetan dam roughly an hour from Zhengzhou city as the scale of the crisis continued to unfold and the damage reached tens of millions of dollars.

The People’s Liberation Army claimed on Wednesday morning that blasting operations had been conducted out at the dam and that forces had “successfully established a new flood diversion opening.”

The water level had reduced as a result of these actions, and the “threat had been effectively controlled.”

As the floodwaters spread, soldiers were dispatched to adjacent rivers to fortify embankments with sandbags. Brief News from Washington Newsday.


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