In 2021, here are 25 Incredible Gifts for Gamers on Your List.


In 2021, here are 25 Incredible Gifts for Gamers on Your List.

The pandemic provided the gaming industry an unwelcome shot in the arm, with yearly global video game revenues already exceeding the combined gross of worldwide movies and North American sports (so to speak). Hundreds of millions of people now actively play games and watch others play for billions of hours each year.

We’ve compiled several very giftable gaming gadgets that enhance everyone’s gameplay—whether on a phone, tablet, console, PC, or another platform—be better. In reality, some of these items were only recently disclosed.

So, if you’re looking for the coolest and most up-to-date gear, keep reading. Prices and availability are subject to change.

OLED Model of the Nintendo Switch

Despite having equal resolution and gameplay to the standard Nintendo Switch, the new OLED model has a few improvements. The screen’s greater resolution—along with its somewhat larger size—provides a better visual experience with richer and more colorful images. In tabletop mode, the unit also has a bigger kickstand for increased stability. In TV mode, the dock now includes an Ethernet connector for more stable online connectivity. It’s available with all-white Joy-Cons or blue and red Joy-Cons. While it may not be on sale or provide the overall upgrade that die-hard Nintendo fans had hoped for, this fantastic home-mobile gaming combination is an excellent pick for new Switch owners.

GameStop has it for $349.99.

MG20 Wireless Gaming Headphones by Master & Dynamic

Don’t be deceived by the Master & Dynamic MG20 headphones’ polished, monochromatic design. These very simple-looking 7.1 surround sound wireless gaming headphones—available in white or black—were released just a few days ago and are extremely tricked out. Custom 50-millimeter beryllium-coated drivers, lightweight magnesium ear cups, and cushioned lambskin leather ear pads are among the luxury materials used. For conversing, players can use the headset’s internal microphone or the detachable boom, which has a built-in pop filter, to provide superb sound quality. Finally, rather than dealing with lag time or interruptions caused by Bluetooth, a small USB wireless audio adaptor reduces latency and allows you to easily transition from a PC to a PlayStation, for example.

Master & Dynamic is selling it for $449.

Ultimate Controller 4 by HexGaming

The HexGaming was created to meet the needs of professional gamers. This is a condensed version of the information.


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