How to Turn Off Amazon Sidewalk on Amazon Echo and Ring Devices


How to Turn Off Amazon Sidewalk on Amazon Echo and Ring Devices

According to the Associated Press, Amazon’s new Sidewalk function allows Echo smart speakers and Ring security cameras to automatically share a portion of their internet connection with their neighbors.

The system’s automatic incorporation in already-equipped devices has provoked criticism from disgruntled Amazon customers and experts concerned about potential privacy and security threats, but some users may be unaware that they may stop the functionality themselves.

Users must go into the Alexa app, click the “More” tab in the lower right corner of the screen, pick “Settings,” and then “Account Settings” to opt out of Sidewalk for Amazon smart devices. They’ll find a deactivate button in an Amazon Sidewalk section there.

To opt out of the functionality, Ring customers simply go into the security camera’s app, go to the “Control Center,” and then choose “Sidewalk.”

According to Amazon, the goal of Sidewalk’s bandwidth-sharing services is to construct a “mesh network” to expand the coverage area of household Wi-Fi networks. Certain equipment, like as smart locks and Tile, may be able to keep connected to other Sidewalk devices even if they are not connected to their home network.

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Did Amazon inform customers that this was about to happen?

Amazon claims to have notified customers through email of Sidewalk’s arrival last month and in November. When you set up gadgets that operate with Sidewalk, you’ll also get a notification, according to the business.

What is the mechanism behind it?

Amazon is using a variety of radio technologies, including LoRa, which is recognized for its extended range and is commonly used in industrial and corporate applications like tracking cattle roaming over pasturelands.

“The idea here isn’t to generate coverage for a single home,” said Marc Pegulu, CEO of Semtech, a chipmaker that is working with Amazon on the technology. “It’s kind of a shared network, a community shared network.”

Among other things, devices connected to the shared network can supposedly search for the best signal in a way that can preserve their battery life.

Thomas Clausen, a computer science professor at France’s École Polytechnique, says that the network Amazon is creating could be a good thing provided that it’s open and accessible, because it would make it easier and cheaper to. This is a brief summary.


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