For Kids and Parents, Bluetooth Baseball Enables Games and Analytics


For Kids and Parents, Bluetooth Baseball Enables Games and Analytics

My son thought he could throw a ball about 70 miles per hour when he first started playing Little League Baseball. I was confident in informing him that I had never heard of a 9-year-old throwing a baseball as fast as that. Despite my reservations, he persisted. I wouldn’t have enjoyed proving him wrong, but I didn’t have a realistic way of demonstrating how fast he was actually throwing until today.

The backyard game of catch with a baseball is receiving a facelift owing to this new Bluetooth-connected ball. The Backyard League Gaming Baseball looks (and feels) basically like a standard ball, but it includes a smart core that allows it to track speed, distance, height, and other metrics. It incorporates the data into its software to generate a variety of games for one or more individuals. It can then compare your stats to those of other people all across the world in friendly, anonymous tournaments.

It may seem pointless to upgrade a catch game between father and daughter, mother and son, or among a group of friends. And it very well may be, but Backyard League is giving it its all with a fascinating product that just might unlock more fun than you ever imagined.

Putting Together a Baseball Network

The small hole on the Gaming Baseball is the first thing you notice about it, not the blue and orange hues. A screw at the bottom of the hole can be removed to access the baseball’s battery. It’s one of the few flaws in the design that distinguishes it from a typical baseball, despite the fact that it has no bearing on throwing or catching.

The battery was already installed in the Gaming Baseball I tested. I also opened it up to examine what was inside, and the battery can be inserted as quickly as a Phillips-head screwdriver can function. (The ball is reported to last for 70 hours before requiring a new coin cell battery.)

A single click of the ball’s single button is all it takes to connect the ball to your phone. The software guides you through a quick setup, but there’s not much to it—a crucial trait for any. This is a condensed version of the information.


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