Facebook’s Camera Glasses Are the Beginning of Smart Glasses, According to Ray-Ban.


Facebook’s Camera Glasses Are the Beginning of Smart Glasses, According to Ray-Ban.

It’s thrilling to travel at 25 miles per hour on an electric skateboard. It might be as simple as reaching for and pushing a button on the side of Ray-new Ban’s Stories spectacles to share that first-person experience.

Ray-Ban Stories are sunglasses that include cameras, speakers, and microphones built into the frame. The front of the frames have two cameras that can snap images or record 30-second videos. Take calls and listen to sounds through the stems’ speakers. The combined technology creates a simple-to-use device that allows you to be in the moment while racing down a hill and still film it.

While Stories is a Ray-Ban product, the software was developed in collaboration with Facebook. To sync photos and alter settings, connect the glasses to the Facebook View app and log in with your Facebook account.

Although the stories may appear to be future, Amazon already sells Echo Frames that include speakers and the Alexa speech assistant. Audio Frames are available from Bose. Even gaming giant Razer has Bluetooth smart glasses. Ray-Ban Stories may serve as a catalyst for the development of a smart glasses industry, although this isn’t a novel idea.

The truth is that Snap Inc.’s Spectacles were the first smart glasses. For a sunglasses product that shoots images and videos, the second iteration of its product in 2018 was practically ideal. The issue is that, in hindsight, the technology and company were a little early to market a few years ago. With their famous Wayfarer shape, the Ray-Ban Stories now appear to be considerably closer to popular appeal.

The curious will want to know how Ray-Ban Stories work in practice as the popularity for this product category grows. Are they useful? What are the ramifications for the wearer’s privacy, as well as the privacy of unexpected subjects?

TL;DR Pros: Excellent video and still image quality Wayfarer design is both traditional and fashionable. Cons: It’s possible to activate touch (media) controls by accident. There is no power-off feature.

Ray-Ban is the place to go.

The Look and Feel of Ray-Ban Stories

Ray-Ban Stories is largely an outdoor product, as you might expect. (For indoor/computer use, you can get them with prescription or blue light filtering lenses.) The majority of Stories models, on the other hand, are essentially sunglasses. Stories resembles a typical pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses in this regard. This is a condensed version of the information.


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