Dan Bongino from Parler says that people who switch to the app are giving the finger to ‘tech bullies on Twitter’.


Parler investor Dan Bongino has said that an increase in new downloads of the social media app this week is a protest against the “tech bullies” on Twitter.

The conservative political commentator and radio host – a strategic partner of the right-wing dominated platform – spoke out this week as the app shot to the top of the iOS and Android marketplaces, where it stayed on Tuesday morning.

“Thousands of people flock to Parler every minute as they give the [mid-finger emoji] to the tech bullies on Twitter. It’s beautiful to watch!” Bongino twittered.

The surge in downloads came after Democrat Joe Biden’s victory over President Donald Trump in last week’s election, and waves of popular Republican and Conservative figures urged their supporters to abandon mainstream platforms, with some claiming censorship.

Prior to his defeat at the hands of Biden, Trump complained last week that Twitter was “out of control” after it had flagged dozens of his posts for containing misinformation.

The President made a number of unfounded allegations that the Democrats were trying to “steal the election” and that the postal vote process was fraudulent. His campaign has taken legal action to challenge the result.

As of November 8, Parler had approximately 636,000 installations from the U.S. App Store and Google Play, the highest ever in a single day, according to the SensorTower analysis platform that tracks mobile app rankings.

According to SensorTower, the number of downloads was more than five times higher than on June 26, June 26, when Parler registered nearly 200,000 installations. At that time, the app was making headlines due to prominent new users such as Senator Ted Cruz.

Between November 3 and 8, the data indicated that Parler had reached over 980,000 installations from the marketplaces. To date, the app has been installed 3.6 million times in the USA.

As Parler’s download popularity skyrocketed, Bongino, whose Facebook account is often one of the best link posts on this social networking platform, said earlier this week: “The media and the anti-trump freaks have awakened a sleeping giant”.

said Bongino: “It is happening. The revolution in social media is happening right now before your eyes”.

For now, the Parler application seems to be more popular in terms of new installations since November 3 than a whole range of popular social networking applications in the U.S., including TikTok, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

Statistics on the exact size of the user base were not confirmed by Parler’s founders, but CEO John Matze said in a Parler post on Monday that the number of people per day on Parler had increased fourfold between Sunday and Monday.

In recent days, high-profile personalities, including Fox Business News anchorwoman Maria Bartiromo and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, have appealed to their supporters to join the platform, which allegedly focuses on protecting freedom of expression.

Several reports have already attracted an audience of millions, including Senator Cruz (3 million), Fox host Sean Hannity (2.5 million), Congressman Devin Nunes (1.6 million), Eric Trump (1.4 million) and commentator Dinesh D’Souza (1.4 million).

It remains unclear how many of the profiles are associated with real people. Even the mainstream platforms are often plagued by armies of fake or bot accounts.

Because of its promise to protect freedom of expression, Parler also features personalities who have been banned from Twitter or Facebook for violating its policies, including right-wing extremist activists Katie Hopkins, Tommy Robinson and Laura Loomer.

Critics argue that Parler is little more than a right-wing echo chamber.

Disclaimer: Newt Gingrich is a Washington-based Newsday opinion columnist…


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