‘Crazy’ Snake Discovered Inside Rat-Infested Air Conditioning Unit


‘Crazy’ Snake Discovered Inside Rat-Infested Air Conditioning Unit

One of the world’s deadliest snakes has been discovered inside a rat-infested air conditioning unit.

Stuart Mckenzie, the snake catcher in charge of tracking it down and catching it, shared video of the experience online, calling it “a little bit sketchy.” Queensland, Australia was used to film the video.

An eastern brown snake bite can be lethal, and the species is responsible for more human deaths in Australia than any other snake.

Mckenzie has a worried expression on his face as he takes apart an AC device that a local man saw the snake disappear under in an attempt to locate the snake.

When he finally uncovers a snake about four and five feet long under the AC’s lid, he exclaims, “That is crazy.” He exclaims, “Oh god, brown snakes eh.”

It then darts to the bottom of the unit to elude Mckenzie, who manages to catch it and keep it at arm’s length by its tail as it flails about, lunging at him at one point, as is normal when they feel cornered or threatened.

The snake catcher manages to move the animal into a snake bag with some difficulty, but he was so concerned about not getting bitten by the snake that he didn’t know the bag was stuck under one of his feet at first.

“It also goes to show that they can go anywhere they want. He says in the video, “It went all the way to the top of this aircon in the end.”

“It was moving in and out and smelling the mice because there was a rats’ nest in there.” It vanished for a split second, and when I raised it, it was sitting right on top of this.

“It’s amazing what they can get themselves into.”

Eastern brown snakes are described as “an alert, nervous species” that can respond defensively by “putting on a fierce display and striking with little hesitation” if threatened or shocked, according to the Australian Museum.

If they are approached from afar by a possible danger, they may either escape or remain still in the hopes of avoiding detection.

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