Biden has won more than 8 million Twitter followers since election day


This month, the number of Twitter followers of President-elect Joe Biden jumped after his victory over Donald Trump in the presidential election.

Biden’s account has attracted millions of social networking users in the 30 days before his inauguration next month. While his profile had around 12 million followers around election day, the count has since exceeded 20 million.

As of November 3, Biden’s Twitter account had 12,056,660 followers according to the analysis platform At the time of writing this article, on December 3, the elected president had 20,447,338, an increase of about 8.4 million accounts.

At the same time, Trump’s Twitter feed appears to be on the reverse track, losing hundreds of thousands of followers last month as his time in the White House draws to a close. Yet Trump’s profile still dominates Biden’s profile in terms of overall size, with the President still boasting a massive 88.7 million followers.

Since November 17, when Trump reached its peak of 88,964,791 subscribers, the President has lost over 185,700 supporters, while Biden has gained 1.4 million. Since election day, Trump has lost a total of more than 200,000 supporters, according to the data.

While analysis websites show small discrepancies in the exact numbers, the results were largely confirmed by Social Blade, a monitoring tool for social media. It found that Biden’s Twitter site had attracted nearly 8.6 million followers in the past 30 days.

While massive numbers are reported, it should be noted that both accounts are likely to be subject to some “bot” activity, which means that not all users will be real or active. twittered on November 30th that its systems do not analyze for bot behavior.

Since the defeat against his democratic opponent, Trump has been using his Twitter profile to spread misinformation about the election, suggesting without evidence that the results were rigged against him and the vote-counting machines were tampered with.

His legal team, led by Rudy Giuliani, has filed a series of lawsuits to challenge the outcome of the election, an approach that has so far proven ineffective. Twitter has continued to flag posts with “controversial” claims.

Biden, whose inauguration is scheduled for January 20, has chosen a different tactic and shared Twitter posts with a more optimistic tone, promising to give America a fresh start and better fight the health crisis associated with the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic.

“My message to all who are struggling right now is that help is on the way,” Biden said on December 1 about his Twitter feed, which attracted more than 500,000 like-minded people.

As reported earlier this week, President-elect Biden had also not directly mentioned Trump by name for more than a week. In comparison, the data shows that Trump’s feed contained more than a dozen references to Biden since November 24.


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