After a harrowing beating in which two others were killed, a dog is recovering.


After a harrowing beating in which two others were killed, a dog is recovering.

In Texas, a dog is recovering from a horrible beating.

On Sunday, animal rescuers in Liberty County discovered the carcasses of two dogs who had been assaulted and shot in the head. Along with them, a third dog, which had also been battered but was still alive, was located.

The remains of the two dogs were discovered wrapped in trash bags, along with a number of dead hens, by Lisa Noble and Brat Hilton, who have spent years caring for abandoned canines in the Plum Grove neighborhood.

The two told Fox 26 Houston that they had previously witnessed animal maltreatment, but nothing like this.

Noble told Fox 26: “We came across this poor innocent-looking little puppy sitting there, looking spaced out, not knowing what was going on.”

“At first, I assumed it was just him and his dog, but then I noticed there were two others.” It’s a disaster. It’s a horrible situation. Who, after all, does that?” One of the eyes of the dog that survived the brutal attack had partially come out of its socket due to the beating.

“It takes someone truly insane to do what they did to those dogs—they actually beat them to death—and then put it on display for all to see,” Hilton told Fox 26.

One of the founders of the canine rescue organization This is Houston, Tom Heller, transported the surviving dog to a Houston animal hospital for treatment.

Heller said, “They think he’ll make it.” “They removed his eye last night and took X-rays today, and they discovered some fractures in his head.” As a result, we’ll send him to a specialist to see what we can do.” The eye injuries, facial fracture, bleeding, and swelling are all consistent with being bashed in the head, according to the charity, which has called the dog Joey.

“He was so hungry that his eye came out.” Along with trash bags full of dead dogs and chicks, they were dumped in a ditch. He was left to endure in severe pain, which was so excruciating that he couldn’t move or seek aid. In a Facebook post, the organization stated, “This is the society we live in.”

“We are grateful that Joey’s abusers left him to suffer for whatever reason, and that his life was spared, despite the fact that he had.” This is a condensed version of the information.


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