A Florida boy is stalked by a shark in a video that seems like something out of a movie.


A Florida boy is stalked by a shark in a video that seems like something out of a movie.

A shark was sighted within feet away from a young toddler, and the terrifying event was captured on camera.

Tanner Brasol, 11, was competing in the Gnarly Charley’s Grom Surfing Series off the shore of Satellite Beach, Florida, on Saturday when he came near to being eaten by three predators.

One of the sharks was photographed by a bystander. It was a blacktip, according to Charley Hajek, who runs the series of events.

As the sun illuminates a rising wave, the shark can be seen lurking just beneath the water’s surface, with Brasol advancing towards the shore on his surfboard a few feet in front of it.

Brasol is then lifted far above the water’s surface by the wave’s crest before breaking on the shore.

Brasol can be seen paddling calmly near the water’s edge at first, but when bystanders notice the shark behind him, stress rises noticeably.

Hajek told This website via email, “I educate students to respect the ocean.” “When they observed a blacktip running after a pod of fish, they listened and came in.”

There is some severe language in the video below.

“I was terrified. Tanner told Click Orlando, “I was immediately thinking, ‘This is not good.'” “That shark isn’t pleased that I was part of his bait. He mistook me for a competitor for that bait.”

The video appears to show the closing minutes of an event involving at least two sharks, according to the boy’s mother, Kelly Brasol.

“It was almost like two submarines coming up and you see the dorsal fins and then all of a sudden it’s like [splashing noise]all around right behind Tanner,” she explained.

“[The person filming] got to the part where everything was finally a little bit of a relief,” says the narrator. That’s where the footage you’re watching picks up, with Tanner having just exited the bait pod.

“What was still horrifying was that you could see in the video that one of the sharks was still really interested in him and followed him.”

The creator of the video, which is set to dramatic music, applauded it. This is a condensed version of the information.


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