15 iPhone Apps That Will Make Life Easier for You


15 iPhone Apps That Will Make Life Easier for You

What would we do if smartphones didn’t exist? Our trusty devices, which are often in our hands or pockets, make our lives simpler and more effective.

According to TechCrunch, there will be more than 218 billion app installs in 2020. But there’s a lot more to explore than the two most popular social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram. Many have cutting-edge tools for keeping track of travel, taking notes, and monitoring the weather.

These are the 15 applications on your home screen that you may be lacking if you’re serious about improving your habits.

Waze is a navigation app that allows you to

Nobody enjoys being snarled in traffic. With driving directions, a live traffic tracker, and road warnings, Google’s GPS navigation software app makes journeys easier. It’s a lifesaver for trips down the road or further afield, and it’s compatible with smartphones and tablets that have GPS support. It’s also available in over 50 languages.

Venmo is a service that allows you to send money

Paypal’s mobile payment service has over 52 million users and is a quick and easy way to send and receive money. It’s ideal for splitting costs, whether it’s a bill, household expenses, or giving gifts to friends. Venmo users may also provide notes with each invoice, making money management more interactive.


One for the aesthetic-minded, this app offers creative photo and video editing tools. A haven of filters and effects, amateur photographers can take their Instagram creations to the next level. VSCO encourages users to share their creations as a source of inspiration for others on their curated VSCO Grid.


One of the most popular mindfulness apps in the business, Calm offers guided meditations for a range of ailments and occasions. Take a deep breath and listen to a musing on improving sleep quality, or self-confidence. A roster of celebrities have recorded mediations, including Harry Styles and more recently Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes.


A handy tool for keeping all your loose ends in place. Evernote is an upgrade from traditional pen and paper. Note-taking, organizing, to-do lists and archiving functions makes this a popular app with executives and entrepreneurs wishing to document their thoughts. Notes can be text, drawings, photographs, audio, or saved web content. This is a brief summary.


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