Young people traumatized after seeing a “figure with a huge air rifle” in the park.


On the sunny morning of Saturday, March 1, 1975, teenagers Tony and Billy set off for Jubilee Park on Dinas Lane in Huyton – but they had no idea that this day would haunt them for the rest of their lives.

The teenagers were “traumatized” by the gruesome death of five mysterious characters who “fell to pieces” in a local park.

The figure came out of the fog and approached the tree the boys were climbing.

No one believed Tony and Billy’s story and the destruction that took place that day, but one person believes that the incident was part of a “future era” that could sadly become “commonplace.

And later a series of “grey silhouettes” emerged from a mysterious fog, all wearing “strange” clothes.

The boys claim to have seen a strange figure, which they described as a “robot”, with a policeman-like helmet, armour and a huge gun.

On the sunny morning of Saturday, March 1, 1975, 13-year-old Tony Drake had fried his usual weekend breakfast of eggs, bacon, black pudding and two rounds of Mother’s Pride bread in lard, and then watched The Flashing Blade and Mr. Deeds Goes to Town on television – until he left his home in Huyton at about half past 12:00 to the sounds of the BBC1 grandstand theme.

Tony thought Billy was upset, but instead his friend said, “Hey, you know what? I’ve seen a big robot over there before!””

He ran all the way to Jubilee Park to meet up with his best friend Billy Fotheringay, who had a brand new football with him, and Billy juggled and guided the ball with considerable skill until Tony crept up from behind, bent down and grabbed Billy’s knee with a bend of his fingers and thumb at the back of his knee, accompanied by Tony’s imitation of a dog barking.

“What?” asked a confused Tony as he picked up the ball; he imagined he was a goalkeeper trying to kick the football across the halfway line.

“Billy moaned, “Oh, you were playing!” and Tony said, “You’re a liar if you say you saw a robot.

The ball was kicked high into the air, but the market wind blew it into a tree – and it never came down again.

“But, honestly, over there,” he pointed to the trees on the south side of the park, which border Dinas Lane.

“Tony Drake warned Tony Drake, and he spat to make the oath official, so Billy spat, too, and said, “And my mother is not going to die because I saw it!

“It was like a big man in a metal suit, and then he disappeared.”

The two boys bickered over to the tree, and Tony, who was the tallest, gave Billy a bunk before he climbed up the tree unnecessarily himself.

“Stay down there, I’m going to throw the ball down,” said Billy….


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