Young gangs terrorize company owners by smashing windows.


Young gangs terrorize company owners by smashing windows.

Gangs of young people are terrorizing shop owners and residents, smashing windows in a frenzy of violence.

Over the last few months, Merseyside Police have received reports of juveniles causing disruption, causing criminal damage, and harassing shops and residents in Huyton Village.

Last night, a bunch of kids allegedly ‘terrified’ a company owner by smashing shop windows and threatening individuals.

After a police swoop on one address, an EncroChat suspect, 33, is named.

She stated in a plea to police on Twitter: “Please assist, Huyton Village has been terrorized for months by a group of youths who have ripped up stores and threatened residents. We require assistance.” She sent another message less than ten minutes later, this time with many photos of shattered shop windows on the high street.

“Staff have now been threatened again as they try to clean up their shops,” she said.

Following reports of anti-social behavior and crime, Merseyside Police have established a Dispersal Zone in Huyton Village.

A Dispersal Zone has been imposed in the region for the third time in the last two months.

“We have proactively placed this dispersal in place to prevent youths from gathering and causing needless hardship to citizens who want to go about their business without fear or violence,” said Community Policing Inspector Rexwinkel.

“As a result, we’ve increased patrols in the area to deal with any difficulties, and this has resulted in fewer offenses, especially around Halloween and Bonfire Night.”

“This order is in place to guarantee that residents and businesses are not subjected to such behavior, and I would encourage people to continue reporting any issues so that we can address them.”

“I would encourage parents and guardians to be aware of where their children are so that we can better deal with those who cause trouble.”

The order is based on Section 35 of the Anti-Social Behaviour & Policing Act 2014, which allows police officers and police community support traffic officers to order people who they suspect are causing or likely to cause crime, nuisance, or anti-social behavior to leave a designated area and not return for up to 48 hours.

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