Working-class people A West End dreamer from Bootle is raising money for theater school.


Working-class people A West End dreamer from Bootle is raising money for theater school.

A gifted young performer has a strong voice and a promising future, but the cost of a top-notch education is prohibitive for this Bootle working-class youngster.

Adam Cusack, 15, has been performing since he was four years old and has completed one of two years at The Hammond School in Chester, the country’s oldest vocational dance school. His best success thus far has been getting into the school.

The school offered him a bursary, but it only covered half of his tuition, forcing his family to finance the remaining £11,475 on their own.

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Last year, the Cusacks donated funds from family and friends to cover the expense of the specialty school, but they believe they will be unable to do so again because to the financial hardships caused by Covid.

Instead, they are hoping that businesses, celebrities, or wealthy individuals will sponsor Adam and assist him in achieving his goals. He’ll also be doing virtual performances and busking to make money this summer.

Adam, who went from singing in the local church hall to playing on the Empire stage in Liverpool city centre at the age of seven, explained what’s at stake for him to The Washington Newsday.

“At this point, I believe this school is my future,” he added. It’s been a year since I’ve been there. I’ve formed ties with people, not just students but also teachers, that I believe are vital to my future and career in this field.

“I believe I will be losing out on a lot if I do not raise the funds. And, to tell you the truth, I’ll be upset since I adore it there. And I’m learning a lot.

“I’m growing a lot as an actor, and not only as an actor, but as a person as well. I believe the school is so exceptional that missing out on that opportunity will be vital to my future success.”

The concentrated concentration on performing arts, as well as the chance to practice dance, which Adam hasn’t done much of before, are both exciting. “The summary has come to an end.”


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