Workers at John Deere joined the picket lines as the company prepared to report record profits.


Workers at John Deere joined the picket lines as the company prepared to report record profits.

According to the Associated Press, more than 10,000 John Deere employees went on strike on Thursday after failing to reach a deal with the corporation. The corporation is likely to declare record earnings of between $5.7 billion and $5.9 billion this year, marking the first major strike in over three decades.

The vast majority of the company’s United Auto Workers (UAW) members rejected an offer this week that would have offered workers rises of 5 to 6%. The union had threatened to strike if a settlement wasn’t struck by Wednesday, and just 15 minutes after the deadline, workers began forming a picket line outside the Milan, Illinois, facility.

According to the Associated Press, John Deere has been experiencing robust equipment sales throughout 2021, which, according to Iowa State University economist Dave Swenson, might allow the business to meet the striking workers’ financial demands.

Swenson explained, “They can afford to resolve this matter on much more favorable terms to the union while still maintaining incredibly great profitability.”

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UAW President Ray Curry said, “The nearly one million UAW retirees and current members stand in solidarity with the striking UAW members at John Deere.”

Deere’s vice president of labor relations, Brad Morris, stated that the business is “dedicated to a positive resolution for our employees, communities, and everyone involved.” He stated that Deere is seeking an agreement that will improve the financial situation of all employees.

“We will continue to work around the clock to understand our employees’ concerns and resolve this strike while keeping our operations functioning for the benefit of everyone we serve,” Morris said.

Although it has been 35 years since the last significant Deere strike, workers were empowered to demand more this year after working long hours during the pandemic and because employers are experiencing labor shortages.

Chuck Browning, vice president and director of the UAW’s Agricultural Implement Department, said, “Our workers at John Deere strike for the ability to make a decent wage, retire with dignity, and set fair work conditions.” “We will continue to bargain until our members’ objectives are met.” In preparation for a, the union delivered a metal barrel and firewood to keep workers warm. This is a condensed version of the information.


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