Woman charged with murder after allegedly suffocating a 4-year-old with an ammonia-soaked towel.


Woman charged with murder after allegedly suffocating a 4-year-old with an ammonia-soaked towel.

Last year, a lady was charged with murder after allegedly drowning her 4-year-old stepdaughter with an ammonia-soaked towel in their Harris County, Texas residence.

A Harris County grand jury last week indicted Melynda Davis on one count of murder in the death of her boyfriend’s daughter, I’Yanna Allen, in Huffman in November 2020, according to the newspaper The Houston Chronicle.

According to the site, Davis was initially charged with child injury and tampering with evidence when officers discovered Allen with blunt force damage at a residence in the 11200 block of East FM 1960. The young lady was taken to the hospital and pronounced deceased.

Allen was found to have lacerations and whip marks all over her body, according to court documents obtained by ABC13. Davis is also suspected of suffocating the infant with an ammonia-soaked cloth, according to authorities.

According to the source, Assistant District Attorney Gilbert Sawtelle said, “The injuries were awful… they were unfathomable.”

The prosecutor stated, “She had burns all over her face and strangling marks under her neck.”

According to court filings, investigators suspect Davis assaulted Allen with an undisclosed blunt instrument before strangling and choking her with the towel. She then proceeded to conceal the crime by hiding the child’s onesie, a towel, and dog training pads.

According to Sawtelle, phone data aided authorities in piecing together the case. An autopsy report, he added, also aided authorities in sealing the murder accusation.

According to court filings, Davis texted the girl’s father and told him she was going to reprimand her because she had wet herself. A review of Davis’ phone records revealed even more details about what she allegedly did to her stepdaughter.

“She’s doing Google searches on how to treat ammonia bruises, whether or not someone can inhale ammonia, and how to cure it,” Sawtelle explained.

Davis is suspected of abusing Allen for months before her death, according to prosecutors.

Davis was arrested in November and has being held in the Harris County Jail on a total bond of $200,000 for her initial charges. In 2008, she was convicted of two counts of felony forgery.

Davis is scheduled to appear in court once more in August.


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