Witnesses at Crosby Beach were taken aback when a man died after being rescued from the water.


Witnesses at Crosby Beach were taken aback when a man died after being rescued from the water.

The death of a guy hauled from the ocean at Crosby beach was described as “heartbreaking” by onlookers.

People are shocked by the tragedy, as many said they never “imagined something so tragic” happening despite witnessing police arrive at the area yesterday.

One of the five individuals taken from the sea died, according to police, while a second man is in a critical but stable condition.

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On Tuesday evening, witnesses witnessed disturbing scenes in the water as a group of men got into a fight.

After the event, three of the five guys were sent to the hospital, while the other two did not require medical attention.

On social media, memorials and offers of support have been sent, including some from witnesses to the tragedy.

“To be on the beach when this happened is heartbreaking!” Jennifer Wilson stated. I could see something out in the distance, but nothing could have prepared me for anything so tragic.”

“I was on the beach, feeling extremely sad,” Jenny Robinson said. My prayers are with the boy’s family as they deal with this awful news.”

“This is extremely awful, sympathies to his family and friends,” Hannah Royle Hitchmough remarked. “I’m crossing my fingers that the others make it.”

“Prayers for this man’s family at this difficult time,” Amanda Davies remarked.

Members of the public who attempted to save the men were also praised.

“Well done, Steven Calder, for attempting to help this unfortunate lad,” Jenni Gore commented.

“This is really sorry to read, what a horrific waste of a young life, RIP,” Jo Mc remarked. All of the families involved have my heartfelt condolences. Also, congratulations to everyone who worked tirelessly to assist these men.”

“We can confirm that a man has died and two males were taken to hospital following an incident at Crosby Beach last night, Wednesday 20 July,” police said in a statement earlier today.

“Around 7.10 p.m., emergency services were called to the beach after reports of three men in their twenties getting into trouble in the sea. The three males were were rushed to the hospital.

“A little time later, one man was regrettably pronounced dead. A second is still in critical but stable condition at the hospital.” “The summary comes to an end.”


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