With an eye on the global prize, Liverpool overtakes Manchester United for the UK crown.


With an eye on the global prize, Liverpool overtakes Manchester United for the UK crown.

Liverpool may have let the Premier League title slip through their fingers in 2021, but they did win one trophy.

According to a data poll that compiled social media data, Google trends, and search words for the clubs, players, and managers, the Reds, an English footballing institution whose roots and traditions run through the veins of the red half of Merseyside, are currently the most popular club in the UK.

Liverpool has overtaken Manchester United in these areas in the UK, putting them at the top of the tree domestically when it comes to popularity, according to data compiled for the True Colours of Football project by William Hill. The Reds were able to leverage their success on the field during 2019 and 2020, when they won both the Champions League and the Premier League, the latter for the first time.

The 2020/21 season did not reach the dizzying heights of the previous two and was a struggle for an injury-plagued Liverpool side, but they still managed to finish third on the final day of the season and secure Champions League qualification for the following season, something that seemed improbable at the end of January.

Liverpool still leads the way in terms of silverware wins, with 43 to Manchester United’s 42, with the Premier League triumph putting the Reds ahead of their rivals.

Football is a worldwide sport, and Liverpool is a globally recognized club.

And, behind United, they are the second most popular Premier League team, leading the list in 87 nations, compared to United, who are ranked first in 93 of the 250 countries recognized by the International Organisation for Standardisation.

Together, they account for the lion’s share of worldwide appeal, topping the charts in 72 percent of the 250 countries. The summary comes to a close.


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