With a tiny kid, a giggling paedophile played a twisted card game.


With a tiny kid, a giggling paedophile played a twisted card game.

A paedophile’s smile was wiped from his face in court after he played filthy games with a little child.

Michael Carr sexually abused the girl when she was between the ages of six and eleven and he was between the ages of seventeen and twenty-three.

He sexually molested the girl, forcing her to remove her clothes and dance for him in her underwear if she lost at cards.

When he appeared in Liverpool Crown Court via video link for sentencing, the 57-year-old, of Station Road, Maghull, smirked and grinned.

Family members stood by his side in the public gallery, one of whom stormed out when the victim’s suffering was described, while Carr shook his head.

Carr, on the other hand, stopped smiling when he was sentenced to eight years in prison and told that he would have to serve two-thirds of his sentence behind bars.

A jury heard at a trial in August how one of Carr’s games with the girl entailed her racing up to him, where he would take her up and lift her in the air.

When he held her aloft, he forced her to remove her underpants and indecently abused her.

Carr would make the girl open and close her legs before stroking her genitalia, according to prosecutor Sarah Holt.

He also played card games with her, she added, such as snap, in which she had to remove her clothes.

He would take her for walks to a place called “The Boards” and “The Ralla,” where she liked to build dens.

Ms Holt stated that she had built a lair and was delighted to show him, but that he exposed himself to her.

He then took the girl’s hand and pressed it against his penis, instructing her to massage it and asking, “Does it feel nice?”

Carr requested that the girl dance to music, then explained that he wanted to see her dance in her underwear since “he could see her better that way.”

He reportedly encouraged the youngster to lie down for a “hug,” according to Ms Holt, but “pressed himself against her and tugged her shorts down.”

He would kiss her on the cheek or turn her face towards him, according to the court. “The summary has come to an end.”


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