With £10 deals from B&Q, Poundland, and Wilko, a woman changes her kitchen.


With £10 deals from B&Q, Poundland, and Wilko, a woman changes her kitchen.

After purchasing discounts from B&Q, Poundland, and Wilko, a woman drastically altered the style of her kitchen.

After moving into an Edwardian house with her partner Tom in October, Freya Farrington, 29, despised the kitchen style.

Freya opted to renovate the rooms they will be living in initially because the couple is planning a major house remodel.

“I didn’t like the previous style in the kitchen, so I wanted to blast the walls white and alter the floors so it felt cleaner, lighter, and more like home,” the YouTuber and social media personality told money-saving website LatestDeals.co.uk. We wanted to keep it on a tight budget because it was only a temporary repair until we could save up to extend and build our new kitchen on the other side of the house.”

Freya went to Wilko, Poundland, and B&Q to look for discounts. “I purchased Leyland Matt White paint for the white walls because it was on special at B&Q, so I purchased two big tubs for £20,” she explained.

“Rather than replacing the drawer and cabinet knobs, we chose to leave them and spray paint them black with a £5 Wilko can.

“We picked a neutral inexpensive vinyl from Warehouse Carpets on the Lomeshaye Industrial Estate in Nelson for the flooring. They frequently provide significantly reduced carpet off-cuts. We bought this flooring in bulk for £600 to cover the three rooms downstairs, including the kitchen, where we resided.

“I used marble vinyl d-c-fix from B&Q for the worktop and splashbacks, which cost £10 a roll. I purchased a total of three.

“Ivory quick dry furniture and cupboard paint from Wilko was used to paint the cupboards. I used two of them, which cost £10 each.”

Other supplies Freya sourced included a £5 Wilko radiator spray paint, Wilko primer undercoat paint for £9, a Poundland mini roller set for £1, a Poundland grout pen for £1 and a Poundland knife set for £1 for cutting the d-c-fix to size. She also used GoodHome Durable Arica Satin to paint her tiles at first. The summary comes to a close.


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