Wirral The Chase candidate raises his eyebrows in a “statement” shirt.


Ken, 66, appeared on the show in a very bright and vibrant Hawaiian shirt to take on the dark destroyer Shaun Wallace, who was the hunter tonight.

A Wirral contestant in The Chase got the audience talking tonight as soon as he appeared on the screen because of the shirt he was wearing.

Ken from Wirral got the audience and host Bradley Walsh talking.

Ken scored £5,000 in his Cash Builder and decided to play around this saying: “It’s important that people come back, so I’m going to bet on the five.

Outside of writing, Ken said he liked to play soccer and chess, and when he won some money he wanted to go back to Canada and the Rockies.

Before he took over “The Chaser”, Ken talked to host Bradley Walsh and said he was now doing an MA in writing, but before that he worked in the oil industry.

Mr. Chambers said, “Is Ken’s shirt made from a mural?”

But the audience at home couldn’t help but comment on his choice of clothes.

Ant said, “Look at Ken’s shirt, the rascal.”

Another said, “Look at Ken’s shirt: “Ken and his shady shirt.”

Daz said, “Ken’s turning down your shirt. It’s a little loud.”

And Gillian Hudson just said, “Ken… That shirt… Why?”?

Bradley Walsh even commented on the shirt after Ken came through, and said, “I love that shirt, buddy, that’s the right statement.

Ken did well against the chaser and managed to get the £5,000 back to his team without any problems….


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