Wirral police have seized thousands of illegal cigarettes and cash.


Wirral police have seized thousands of illegal cigarettes and cash.

At a swoop in Wirral stores this week, police recovered thousands of illicit cigarettes as well as unaccounted cash after receiving a tip concerning money laundering and counterfeit items.

Merseyside Police stated they had “received intelligence of money laundering and counterfeit items,” which led to a joint operation with Wirral Trading Standards inspectors.

During the raids on outlets around Wirral, more than 1,000 packets of cigarettes and tobacco, as well as a considerable amount of cash, were discovered.

On Wednesday, June 9, Merseyside Police released a statement about the search on the Wirral Police Facebook page, which included photos of a large haul of cigarettes wrapped into shopping bags, as well as cash recovered during the investigation.

“Officers from TeamBeb have been working alongside trading standards as part of a combined operation today,” a Merseyside Police spokesperson stated on social media.

“After acquiring intelligence about money laundering and counterfeit items being marketed at these places, local enforcement teams and local cops visited several establishments across Wirral.”

“Over 1,000 illegal cigarettes and tobacco packs were seized by officers.”

“Officers also seized a considerable sum of money that had gone missing. This money is thought to have been meant for illicit activity.”

The stores on the Wirral that were participating in the operation were not identified.


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