Wirral car park charges decision is dubbed a “headache” by councillors.


Wirral car park charges decision is dubbed a “headache” by councillors.

Wirral’s Liberal Democrat leader says he’s ‘calling-in’ part of a recent plan to introduce additional car park charges across the borough.

Bromborough ward councillor Phil Gilchrist told the ECHO that he is seeking support to get the decision to introduce new auto parking charges in Wirral areas such as Bromborough, Bebington, Irby, Hoylake, and New Brighton overturned.

The councillor expressed worries about the potential impact on local retail centers and businesses in the borough, claiming that the plans were approved with “insufficient consideration” of the impact on commerce at a meeting held on Monday.

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During a tense meeting of the Environment, Climate Emergency and Transport Committee on Monday, councillors, who were tasked with choosing from a range of options to generate £1 million in extra revenue from car park charges – agreed at an earlier council budget meeting – passed a series of measures that would significantly alter Wirral’s parking charging regime.

These include the introduction of charges to off-street car parks that are currently free in several of the borough’s towns, as well as the standardization of fees at every council-run car park in Wirral, with charges starting at £1 per hour for the first four hours and a maximum charge of £5 for a full day of parking.

Before these changes take effect, a number of processes must be completed, but the council’s financial estimates presume that locations that previously did not charge will begin to do so in January of next year.

The standardization of fees at the above-mentioned rate is expected to begin considerably sooner, starting next month.

The decision, which was met with opposition from Conservative Councillors and abstentions from the borough’s Liberal Democrats but passed with votes from Wirral Labour and Green members, will now be referred to a review committee at Wirral Council.

According to Cllr Gilchrist, who spoke to the ECHO, “I’ve started getting feedback on Bromborough even before the formal consultation begins.

“But my call isn’t only about Bromborough hamlet; it’s also about the surrounding area. The summary comes to a close.


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