Who Is Eligible For New $1,000 Payments Under the Fourth Stimulus Check?


Who Is Eligible For New $1,000 Payments Under the Fourth Stimulus Check?

While most Americans aren’t expecting another stimulus check, one set of vital workers isn’t being forgotten. Several schools that have received stimulus monies are planning to give $1,000 bonuses to their teachers.

According to the Wall Street Journal, districts in Tennessee, Texas, California, and Colorado, as well as states like Georgia, have approved “thank you” bonuses for teachers and staff in an effort to boost morale after a difficult year that saw teachers try to adapt to virtual teaching, resume in-person instruction with modifications, or do a hybrid of both.

Schools have until 2024 to spend the $190 billion in stimulus funds granted to schools as part of various stimulus spending initiatives, while there are constraints on how some of the funds can be spent, with specified amounts set aside for learning loss. The remainder of the funds, on the other hand, can be spent without too many restrictions.

In addition to a 1% pay raise supported by separate funds, the Berkeley Unified School District in California plans to spend around $2.8 million of the $23 million in money received to award teachers a one-time 3.5 percent bonus for the coming school year. Teachers, aides, custodians, bus drivers, and cafeteria staff are among the 230,000 Georgia employees who will get $1,000 bonuses statewide.

It’s unknown how many states or school districts plan to offer four-figure bonuses to instructors.

Some, however, are dissatisfied with the bonuses, arguing that the money would be better spent elsewhere.

The possibility of teacher bonuses comes as many parents of school-aged children received their first deposit of monies under the Expanded Child Tax Credit last week. Those with children under the age of six were awarded $300 per child, while those with children aged six to seventeen were awarded $250 per child. The first half of the increased cash will be deposited monthly until December, with the second half being added to their tax refunds when they file their 2021 forms.

Following those deposits, a campaign emerged to make the credits permanent, which the Biden Administration seeks to extend until 2025 due to the assistance they would provide to struggling parents.

The initial Economic Impact Statements have also been plagued by calls to make stimulus payments more permanent or to enhance the amount and frequency with which they are distributed. Brief News from Washington Newsday.


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