While his children slept, a woman at the party threatened to ‘kneecap man with a shotty.’


While his children slept, a woman at the party threatened to ‘kneecap man with a shotty.’

A woman enlisted the help of other partygoers to threaten to “kneecap” a man with a shotty.

At a party, Chloe O’Brien was inebriated when she called a man who had reportedly sexually assaulted someone she knew.

As his children slept, her pals threatened to assault his house, advising him to “watch your back because a nine might go through your kneecaps.”

The 20-year-old was charged with making “toxic” and “terrifying” threats to the guy, whom the ECHO has chosen to remain anonymous.

Prosecutor Chris Hopkins revealed that in the early hours of October last year, O’Brien made a number of calls to the man, who recorded them on his phone.

During the call, one of the men said: “I’m about to throw a party popper through your f***ing door while your kids are inside.

“I know you have a gun license, which is excellent because I have as well.

“I’ll put a fing gun through your dirty little peado’s fing kneecaps.

“I’m going to kneecap you with a ring hammer or a shotty one way or another.”

Over the phone, O’Brien can be heard yelling, “What have I told yer?”

Another man added: “I’ll send someone around your house while your kids are in bed and your new puppy is sleeping.

“Watch your back while you’re shooting in Tarleton on Sunday because a nine may go through your kneecaps.”

O’Brien had a good reputation in the past.

Defending attorney Adam Watkins said O’Brien is a young woman who has never appeared in court before and “doesn’t attempt to justify her own behavior.”

He said there was a “particular context which helps to explain” but which “doesn’t justify what she did”.

Mr Watkins said the allegation is “still before the Spanish courts” and is “being treated seriously”.

He explained the allegation had been “dealt with in the right way” by a report to police.

Mr Watkins said police had “told him not to have further contact” with the woman, but added “there was further contact” .

The court heard the alleged victim of a sexual assault later said the man had tried. Summary ends.


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