When Sam’s mother Natasha dies on Coronation Street, how old is he?


When Sam’s mother Natasha dies on Coronation Street, how old is he?

Last night on Coronation Street, heartbreaking moments aired when Natasha Blakeman died after saying farewell to her son Sam.

A sinkhole opened out in Weatherfield on Monday’s program, which focused on the aftermath of super soap week.

Against the backdrop of the dramatic events, the bloodthirsty Harvey escaped from prison and tracked down Leanne Battersby to exact his revenge.

Corey Brent confirms his exit from Coronation Street following the filming of the final scenes.

In the Halloween-themed episodes, however, Harvey shot Natasha Blakeman in a case of mistaken identity since she was dressed in the same Morticia Adams costume as Leanne.

Natasha was hurried to the hospital, and things appeared to be going well at first.

However, physicians discovered internal bleeding, necessitating a life-saving operation for Natasha.

Natasha told Sam she was so proud of him and that she would always be there for him, no matter where they were, in a sorrowful scene.

While Sam and Nick awaited news from the hospital, Sam showed Nick the get well card he had prepared for his mother.

A doctor, however, appeared and informed Nick and Sam that they had been unable to halt the internal bleeding and that Natasha had died.

Many viewers were curious about Sam’s age while seeing the heartbreaking situations at home.

Natasha found out she was pregnant shortly after leaving Weatherfield in September 2010, and Sam was born the following year.

Sam is ten years old, having been born on April 28, 2011.

Jude Riordan, the ten-year-old actor who plays Sam, is from St Helens.


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