When ‘no one could party,’ encroaching dealers move from cocaine to weed.


When ‘no one could party,’ encroaching dealers move from cocaine to weed.

In court, the full scope of a drug-dealing enterprise carried out by a man who was apprehended when the EncroChat encryption system was cracked was revealed.

Yousef Mohamed’s chats – who also maintained a revolver he named “Lucy” in case of “beef” – gave an incredible insight into how such dealers work, especially when a pandemic strikes their industry.

Mohamed, 30, was running his own business, had a number of high-level and trusted contacts, was purchasing and selling kilogram quantities of cocaine and cannabis, and had kilogram quantities in stock, according to court testimony.

Teens were slashed and people were forced onto docks after a weekend of turmoil on the riverfront.

He also had a driver who delivered and collected on his behalf, and he was well-versed in the prices and goods available, as well as market developments.

Mohamed, of Selborne Street, Toxteth, who was described in court as coming from a very respectable family, lived the high life as a drug dealer in Class A and Class B substances until he was detained by police in January this year, according to the prosecution papers.

Officers raided an address he used in Upper Parliament Street, Toxteth, and discovered thousands of pounds in cash, as well as expensive designer clothes and watches (the latter of which were discovered to be fakes).

Mohamed’s involvement, according to the prosecution case presented to Liverpool Crown Court on Thursday (July 22), was with “the distribution of multi-kilogram quantities of Class A and B narcotics.”

On March 27, 2020, Mohamed – using the EncroChat handle “ArabianKnight” – was asked “Did u do ur tops” in a discussion with a contact (tops being a reference to kilograms of cocaine).

“Got one sold today for paper,” one user said, indicating that he had sold a kilogram of cocaine for cash rather than on credit.

Mohamed then agreed to provide him with a kilogram of branded cocaine (Bugatti), which the user said he would collect.

Mohamed indicated the cocaine business was quiet but cannabis was “flying” in another EncroChat talk on the same day.

Despite the fact that cocaine demand was dwindling, he maintained that he was in the middle. “The summary has come to an end.”


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