When Mum opens the door to her new home, she sees her family standing there.


When Mum opens the door to her new home, she sees her family standing there.

One of the most stressful events in an adult’s life is moving house.

You must physically pack your life and figure out how to go to your new house – and this is before you even begin to unpack and figure out where everything will go.

So one mother was furious when she arrived at her new home only to discover that the previous owners had not yet left.

According to the Mirror, they were not in a hurry to go.

“Completed at 2pm,” she wrote on Mumsnet about her experience. There are no keys. Agents are feverishly dialing vendors’ numbers. The van is still being packed.

“In no uncertain terms, they no longer own the land,” the woman stated.

“After an hour and a half, they drop the keys off with the agent,” she says.

“We think they’re all gone, phew.” So we get the keys and drive over to the property; they’re still there, and the house is still occupied. I mean completely full – there were still paintings on the walls in the parlor, corridor, and kitchen, which were all crammed with boxes and equipment.

“Get a sob story about how they’ve been at work all day (the completion deadline shouldn’t come as a f****** surprise, so why don’t they take the day off like we did?)”

She claims that she, her husband, and their fifteen-month-old child were forced to return to their previous residence for the night.

“I’m so p***** off,” she added. We’ve had a terrible few months; I’ve had a close member in the hospital, I’ve been fighting for a diagnosis for them, and I’ve been sick.” Many people were shocked, and many advised the mother to charge the family for not departing on time.

“OK, that’s taking the pi*** – even if they were at work all day and couldn’t get out of it for some reason, they’ve already had the weekend and previous evenings when they could have packed everything save the basics,” one person said.

“Every time I’ve moved, I start packing at least a week ahead of time.”

“This occurred to a buddy of mine,” another wrote. “It took days for the vendors to go, and when they did, they left.” “The summary comes to an end.”


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