When it comes to angling, how much feed is too much?


When it comes to angling, how much feed is too much?

Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to appreciate and learn a significant level of insight on the most important topics that we anglers must answer on a daily basis.

With this, I’m drawing attention to the numerous challenges that we face on our fishing expeditions, especially if we’re going to be successful in catching the fish that are in front of us on any given day.

As a matchmaker, I can honestly tell that the draw bag has smiled upon me on occasion, but like many others, the chances are stacked against us having to figure out ‘what the fish want’ and ‘when’.

Any angler is in the same boat.

As many will agree, one of the most crucial aspects in becoming an expert angler is what we offer fish and how we deliver it.

It occurred to me that while addressing the many “magic” formulas we use with readers, particularly the baits we utilize, the debate – or should I call it a “debate” – was a little more intriguing than our regular norms.

The main and most essential question presented is how to begin a session.

How much feed are we going to put in?

On any given day, too much initial feed might be fatal to our success, and we’ve all done it.

Yes, ‘balling it’ can work at times, but my personal premise is only to draw the fish to the hookbait, as explained in my comment on this one.

I have a habit of going through my system of determining ‘what’ is the most favorable bait on the day and avoiding smashing in with practically everything on offer at the same time.

We’ll leave how we display it for another day, but based on the facts, and putting pen to paper on this topic, my recommendation is to always tread lightly with the initial information from the start.

The summary comes to a close.


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