When Is Cyber Monday This Year? Date of 2021, Early Deals, and History


When Is Cyber Monday This Year? Date of 2021, Early Deals, and History

Cyber Monday is just around the corner, and big merchants have a slew of excellent bargains planned.

This is an annual occasion (during the Thanksgiving season) where retail outlets provide bargain deals for their most in-demand products, similar to Black Friday.

The difference is that Black Friday was originally used to describe flash deals that took place in physical stores (typically marked by throngs of people trying to get their hands on wanted items), whereas Cyber Monday has always been about online shopping.

Although Black Friday has gradually evolved into a primarily online event, there are still discounts available for individuals who visit their local retail locations on the day of the event.

However, if you’re shopping for Cyber Monday offers, you’ll have no choice but to visit retailer websites, as these transactions are handled entirely online.

Date for Cyber Monday in 2021

Every year on the first weekday after Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday takes place. This might be anywhere between November 26 and December 2 depending on how the calendar falls.

Thanksgiving will be on November 25 this year, which means Cyber Monday will be on November 29, four days later.

History of Cyber Monday

While Black Friday’s beginnings can be traced back to the 1960s, Cyber Monday is a more recent occurrence.

It was only in 2005 that the term was coined, when it was used in a news release by Shop.org.

E-commerce was still in its infancy at the time, so the marketing team saw a need to highlight the opportunities it provided, especially as better network connections and quicker internet access became more popular.

This is why Cyber Monday was created. The goal was to entice disgruntled buyers (who might not have had the best luck buying what they wanted on Black Friday) to shop online.

In addition, it was hoped that it would help smaller merchants who would otherwise struggle to compete on Black Friday.

The reason it happens on the first Monday following Thanksgiving, according to Scott Silverman, the then-executive of Shop.org, is because it was already one of the busiest dates. This is a condensed version of the information.


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