When her’smiley’ baby son stopped laughing, Mum realized something was amiss.


When her’smiley’ baby son stopped laughing, Mum realized something was amiss.

After discovering her “smiley” 11-month-old baby had suddenly stopped crawling and laughing, a mother received tragic news.

Zaki, Caitlin Molyneux’s 13-month-old son, had been a cheerful, smiling baby for the previous eight weeks.

The 22-year-old mother from Garston began to notice that her son “wasn’t himself” in September of this year.

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Courtney, Caitlin’s sister, spoke to The Washington Newsday about the weeks leading up to physicians at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital giving her baby nephew the tragic prognosis.

Zaki’s mother had taken him to the doctor, who diagnosed him with a viral infection, but he didn’t seem to be improving, according to Courtney.

“It came to the point where he wasn’t himself at all,” the 22-year-old from Toxteth said. He wasn’t laughing, he wasn’t crawling, he wasn’t doing much of anything, he was just sluggish.

“All he’d do is lie there and stare at you.” He’s usually a really happy, smiley baby, but he’s suddenly stopped laughing and smiling. He really didn’t seem like himself.” A tumor on the 11-month-heart old’s was discovered during hospital scans. A second biopsy was performed, revealing the full extent of Zaki’s life-threatening disease.

A Thymoma, a life-threatening tumor that had wrapped itself around the young boy’s heart and was putting pressure on his internal organs, was discovered. His windpipe has also collapsed due to the tumor.

Doctors had to break even more devastating news to the family, informing them that the tumor was too large to be operated on.

“They said it was the entire size of his chest, it was incredibly large,” Courtney recalled.

“In the literature, he is the only baby who has been diagnosed with this.”

“Alder Hey stated there was a four-year-old child or boy in Paris who had this.” They were the youngest at the time, but Zaki is now; he was 11 months at the time.” Doctors at Alder Hey decided that shrinking the tumor to the point where it could be operated on was the best course of action.

Zaki is already on his third round of treatment. “The summary has come to an end.”


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