When COVID strikes his hockey league after the first game in 18 months, a vaccinated senior dies.


When COVID strikes his hockey league after the first game in 18 months, a vaccinated senior dies.

After COVID-19 spread through his adult hockey league, a fully vaccinated Ontario senior citizen died.

According to his family, 75-year-old Garry Weston died last week after suffering a major stroke while battling pneumonia caused by COVID-19.

Amber Weston-Campbell, Weston’s daughter, told CTV News Toronto on Thursday that her father got infected with COVID-19 for the first time in 18 months in September while playing in a three-on-three hockey league in Newmarket, Ontario. There were 15 COVID-19 breakthrough cases linked to the hockey league, according to officials in York Region, Ontario.

“My father was a huge sports fan,” Weston-Campbell said on Thursday to CTV. “He’s been itching to get back on the ice since he adored hockey.” Weston-Campbell stated her father wasn’t feeling well the next day after playing.

“It was like a cold,” she explained, “but it became worse at home.” “He was having trouble breathing.” Weston’s condition worsened after he was admitted to the hospital, and he was eventually transferred to intensive care and intubated.

“He experienced indications and symptoms of a stroke while they were intubating him,” said Weston-Campbell, a certified nurse. “He had a big stroke, they learned afterwards. The doctor told us that he wouldn’t be able to return home. It was a bleak prognosis.” Doctors warned Weston-Campbell that the damage caused by his stroke was irreversible, and that if he were to be removed off life support, he would have “no quality of life.”

Soon after, Weston-Campbell and her family agreed to remove her father from life support.

“It would have been so unfair of us to try to maintain his physical shell of a body, which he would have despised every minute of it. He was far too busy a man to live in such a way “Weston-Campbell stated.

She closed her interview with CTV by saying that her family still feels that everyone should get the vaccine.

“All we ask is for folks to be cautious,” she said. “It’s a small group of people, but you never know when one of them will be you.” According to CTV, the other 14 people in the hockey league who tested positive showed minimal symptoms.

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