What the Met Office has to say about snowfall forecasts in the UK this week.


What the Met Office has to say about snowfall forecasts in the UK this week.

The Met Office has responded to concerns that snow could fall this week in several regions of the country.

Forecasters have predicted that a storm would sweep across the UK, bringing with it 75mph gusts that could disrupt transport and inflict property damage.

Storm Arwen prompted the Met Office to issue an amber wind warning for portions of north-east England and Scotland, which will persist until Saturday morning.

The day on which snow will fall in Liverpool is predicted by weather experts.

It warns that flying debris might cause injuries or put people’s lives in danger, as well as damage to trees and structures, public transportation cancellations, road and bridge closures, power outages, and big waves.

On Friday, yellow wind warnings are in effect for most of the UK’s western regions, with warnings extending to the remainder of the country on Saturday.

Winds of 55 to 65 mph are forecast in parts of Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, south-west England, and north-east England, with the strongest gusts expected along the coast.

A spokesman for the Met Office, Stephen Dixon, said: “Storm Arwen was named as a result of a deep low-pressure system moving through the UK’s north-east, which prompted our amber wind warning on Friday.

“The worst-affected locations will primarily be around the coasts, with gusts of above 75 mph causing travel interruption and extended journey durations, as well as power outages, flying debris, and huge waves hurling beach material.

“From 9 a.m. on Friday, a yellow wind warning will be in effect for the west coast of the United Kingdom, spanning Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, and south-west England.

“This illustrates the magnitude of Storm Arwen’s effect, with severe winds expected into Saturday, when the warning is extended to the majority of the UK.

“Although windy, the south-east and London are likely to avoid the worst of the gusts and remain relatively quiet in comparison to the rest of the country, which will undoubtedly be affected by the storm.”

Storm Arwen is approaching from the North Sea, he said, and will begin to move south before easing off on Sunday.

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